General Information


  • We have a regular fire drill once a half term.

  • A photographer visits us several times a year to take individual and family photographs.

  • The setting provides a variety of healthy mid-morning and afternoon snacks, as well as water and milk being provided

  • A newsletter goes out at the start of every half term, to inform parents/carers of term times and any activities or events.

  • All of our staff have regular training and have an understanding of Child Protection/Safeguarding. We are committed to working with other professionals for the benefit of the child and parent.

  • We hold a parents evening twice a year, where you can come and talk to your child’s keyperson.

  • A charge of £10 is incurred if you are continually late when it comes to dropping off or picking up your child.

  • We need 2 weeks’ notice if you plan to take your child out of the setting. If notice is not given, you will still be charged for an extra 2 weeks.

  • The setting has an emergency phone number to be used when for example we are closed due to weather, this number 07963341990.



Beaumont Community Preschool & Childcare Groups are committed to safeguarding children and promoting the welfare of children and young people. As a setting we expect all employees, workers, students and volunteers to share this commitment. We are committed to working with other professionals for the benefit of the child and their family.

All our staff have training or an understanding of Safeguarding Children/Child Protection issues.  We also have Safeguarding Co-ordinators within the setting. 



Funding & Fees

From the term after your child's 3rd birthday he/she will be eligible for 15 hours per week, paid for by an education grant.  

Funding forms will be given to you by staff every term.  Once you have requested sessions we encourage parents not to change sessions until the following term, changes will be made at management’s discretion dependent on numbers and staffing.

For those parents whose children are not eligible for the grant, and for those wanting extra session, fees are payable in advance either the week before or at the beginning of every week your child attends.  
We are also able to offer 2 year old funding for 15 hours a week, for those who are eligible.  If you would like to find out more about this offer, please speak to Kate Vass our Deputy Manager.  The setting also has availability for 30 hour funded children, and we are signed up for tax free childcare.


Snack menu

Fee Amounts


Under 2 year olds - £21.00 per 3 hour session


2 year olds - £18.00 per 3 hour session


3 and 4 year olds - £15.00 per 3 hour session


(Hourly Rates on request.)