Nicole Breakwell


Kate Vass

Deputy Manager

The Preschool

(caters for children aged 3 years old till 5 years old)

Our staff within the preschool room are as follows:


Lauren Moore - Room Leader/SEN

Chris Whitehead - Deputy Room Leader

Toomey Donachie - Early Years Practitioner

Sharon Richards - Early Years Practitioner

Diane Watts - Early Years Practitioner

Helen Costigan - Early Years Practitioner

Lauryn Reed - Bank Staff


Our ratios are 1 staff member to 6 children.


All of our staff have or are working towards relevant childcare qualifications and are committed to ongoing training.

Leanne Smith

Office Manager

Lauren Moore
Room Leader/SEN
Chris Whitehead
Acting Deputy Room Leader
Toomey Donachie
Helen Costigan
Sharon Richards

Diane Watts

Lauryn Reed
Music Area
Music Area

Construction Area
Construction Area

Children's Pegs
Children's Pegs

Music Area
Music Area


Here in Preschool we have the 7 areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).

  • In the room we have a construction area, where we have lots of cars, trains, tracks, building blocks, doll houses and much more, We use this area to help the children with their 'understanding of the world' through building things that are familiar around them, block play and small world play.

  • We then have a music area, where we provide lots of different musical instruments.

  • We have a nice quiet book area where the children can choose which book they would like to read.  This is also where 'circle time' take place.  During circle time, each member of staff will take it in turns to either read a story to the children, or sing songs with them, as well as encouraging the children to talk about things that interest them.

  • Next we have our maths/writing area, this is where the children can learn about numbers, colours, shapes and write their own name.  Next to it we have our computer that the children are able to use with lots of learning games and is adult led.

  • On the other side of our room we have our role play area.  The theme for this area changes regularly, and the children love to role play in the kitchen where they do lots of 'cooking'.

  • On this side of the room we also have our messy area, where we have sand and water play.  This area also has our art station, which has lots of different materials for them to be creative with.

  • Snack time happens half way into our morning session as well as our afternoon session, and is a 'rolling snack time'.  This means that the children can choose if/when they would like snack or if they are just happy to play.

  • We are very lucky that we have a large outside area with a lovely big climbing frame.  In the outside area they have access to sand and water and enjoy 'cooking' in our mud kitchen.  Cars and scooters are available to them to play with, as well as bats balls and many more exciting games.  To the left of the outside area we have a quiet book corner, for those children that will like to relax and read after having a 'busy' time within the courtyard.


Each child has their own peg within the room, that has their name on it.  This is where your child coat, wellies and spare clothes are kept.  We do go outside in all weather, so please make sure that you supply the appropriate clothing for the time of year e.g hot weather - hat and suncream, cold/wet weather - coat and wellies, and  bring spare clothes in for your child.