Nicole Breakwell


Kate Vass

Deputy Manager

Leanne Smith

Office Manager




The Beehive and Bumbles



(caters for children from 3 months old till 3 years old)

Our staff in the bumbles room are as follows:


Louise Brenton- Room Leader/SEN

Helen Costigan - Early Years Practitioner


Our ratios are 1 staff member to 3 children under 2 years old, and 1 staff member to 4 children under 3 years old.

Our staff within the preschool may also work within the room for work experience and cover.  




The Beehive

(caters for children aged 3 years old till 5 years old)

Our staff within the preschool room are as follows:


Natalie Gibbons - Room Leader

Chris Whitehead - Early Years Practitioner

Toomey Donachie - Early Years Practitioner

Abbie Medway - Early Years Practitioner

Lauren Moore - Early Years Practitioner/SEN

Diane Watts - Early Years Practitioner

Sharon Richards - Early Years Practitioner


Our ratios are 1 staff member to 6 children.



All of our staff have or are working towards relevant childcare qualifications and are committed to ongoing training.


Louise Brenton

Room Leader

Natalie Gibbons
Room Leader
Helen Costigan

Chris Whitehead

Abbie Medway


Diane Watts

Toomey Donachie

Lauren Moore

Deputy Room Leader

Sharon Richards