Nicole (BA Hons)


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Bachelor Honours Degree Qualified

Kate (BA Hons)

Deputy Manager

Designated Sageguarding Lead

Health & Safety Co-ordinator

Bachelor Honours Degree Qualified


Office Manager

Fire Safety Officer

Bumbles Room

(caters for children from 3 months old till 3 years old)

Our staff in the bumbles room are as follows:


Our ratios are 1 staff member to 3 children under 2 years old, and 1 staff member to 4 children under 3 years old.

Our staff within the preschool may also work within the room for work experience and cover.  







Bumbles Room Leader

Inclusion Officer

2 Year Lead

Foundation Degree Qualified

Construction Area
Construction Area

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Role Play Area
Role Play Area

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Parent Notice Board
Parent Notice Board

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Construction Area
Construction Area

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Behaviour Co-ordinator 

Early Years Practitioner

Level 3 Qualified

Welcome to the Bumbles room, my name is Louise and I am the room leader.  I will give you a tour of the room, with the different areas and how our routine works during the day. The sessions in this room are 9am-12pm for a morning session, 12pm-3pm for an afternoon session and 9am-3pm for all day. The age group within this room is from 3 months to 3 years old. We complete a daily sheet for the children who are under 2. This is a breakdown of what they have been doing during their day, lunch and snack times and bottles for the children who have milk. This also includes nappy changing/toileting.


  • The room is set out into areas, the construction area is set out with a variety of toys for the children to explore, including fixing tools, puzzles and toys to fix and piece together. We sometimes use real tools and materials with adult guidance for the children to explore.


  • Our role play area is occasionally themed, dependant on the children’s interests. The area is currently set out as a home kitchen with different items including real resources and toys for the children to play with. We add real food when the children initiate such activities too. Some of the themes we’ve had include doctors, vets and fire station.

  • Lots of the resources are in baskets which are in the floor so they accessible to the children to choose for themselves, the musical instruments are set out this way, within an area in the room that is set also to be appealing to the children.


  • Our cosy area/sleep area is set out for the children when they would like to have some quiet time, look through books. This area is also set out for the under 1 year olds as a safe, cosy area where an adult is always with them for them to play with and explore toys appropriate to their age. We have the sleep cots in this area for children which nap throughout the day.


  • An activity is set up daily on the carpet to encourage the children’s imagination, play and learning. This is always based around the child’s interests, where the children will extend and add to their play. We continue this and add to the activities with adult led ideas as well as the ideas from the children. This is known as In The Moment Planing, this is the way we have observed the children to add to their online learning journey known as Tapestry.  This is a lovely way to show what your child has been doing whilst in Bumbles, it is observed by an adult with supporting photos or videos where possible and assessed in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Once uploaded, you will receive a notification that an observation has been done for you to view. You are able to add to this yourselves for us to see lovely moments your child has had. A white board is in the room to show what we have been doing throughout the week, adding to the activities and child’s interests.


  • The bathroom has a changing unit for children in nappies which is cleaned between in use with paper towel used for the child to lay on. Gloves and aprons are worn by the adult changing the child which is changed after each child to reduce the chance of cross contamination. There are 3 potties that have a flush sound for the children that are potty training, we also have a toilet with a step and seating that sits onto the toilet for them to feel secure. When your child is ready to potty train we will work with you as a family to support what you are doing at hone to train them into pants.


  • There is a drinks station and every child has a labelled tag to go around their bottle, we ask you provide a drinks bottle for them to access throughout the day. Juice is ok but if it is all drank before the end of the session, we are only able to re fill with water.


  • Snacks, milk and water are provided by us throughout the session. We ask for any allergy/dietary requirements do that it can be added to our list, we will take these into consideration when preparing snack. We encourage the children to cut the fruit/vegetables that we offer for snacks using safety knives and outlet guidance, the same for pouring their own milk or water from small jugs. There is a washing up station that the children can then wash their cups and bowls. Once snack is finished it is then washed in the dish washer. By giving the children these opportunities it helps build on their independence.


  • If you wish for your child to have lunch with us we ask you to provide this. We ask for a healthy lunch with no chocolate or sugary drinks. We are a no nut setting due to the allergy risk these have.


  • The room that is used for messy and sensory play is in the kitchen area, this is generally a free flow environment from the main room. We are a very sensory setting, using lots of resources including shaving foam, cream, sand, water, flour for examples. Aprons are provided, not all children will want to wear one so for such activities where sensory and paint are taking place we ask you bring the children into the setting in clothes you don’t mind getting messy and possibly stained from paint play.


  • There is a parent information board displayed with lots of information regarding outer agencies, with useful contact numbers and a current newsletter of what is taking place and coming up in the setting. If there is anything you are unsure off or something that is not displayed that you may wish to have some advice on then please feel free to ask a member of staff for us to support you.


  • We have a tidy up song that we play for around 5 minutes, encouraging the children to tidy up what they have been playing with, even just one toy. Our tidy up times are after snack in the AM and PM, before nappy change/toileting as we get ready to then go outside to play. During this time we have song and story time also.


  • Our garden is set just outside of the gates, we have a turfed area and patio with a play house. There are a variety of ride on toys, cars and scooters. There is a play frame with two slides. We have a mud kitchen, musical instrument station made from pots and pans and a water tray for the warmer weather. We take activities outside also that the children have had interest in. We go on bug hunts and have a paint easel outside also. The garden is very shaded by trees so in the the summer months we are fortunate enough to be able to spend most of the day in the garden whilst the children are protected from the sun.


  • We ask that you provide a bag with spare clothes, nappies/wipes/cream (if used) and appropriate weather clothing, ie hats and sun cream in the summer and welly boots and coats in the winter.


Thank you for your time.